Keko London is five years old.

We still feel five days old – and that’s a feeling we want to keep hold of. 

A term we use in the agency to summarise this feeling is ‘Keep Verging’ (we even have a hashtag all to ourselves #KeepVerging). It’s the philosophy that we have to keep moving forward, with an open mind, always. Today seems the right day to pause and reflect on the importance of fostering this philosophy in the current creative agency landscape.

We’re as excited about the next five years as we were of the last, and we’ll take everything we’ve learnt about agility and embracing new technology as we start it. We specialise in reaching and influencing niche global audiences for premium and luxury brands, and this focus will continue to keep us on-track.

“Five is a significant milestone for Keko London, and I’m proud that we continue to grow and evolve in an ever changing and competitive market place. We’ve focused on culture and philosophy over aggressive growth since day one, and I’m confident this is the right strategy for our next five years also.” 

Ben Whattam, Managing Partner at Keko London.

 So, at this point, we want to say thank you to everyone that has helped us make it to the ripe-old-age of five.

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